Inspiring FEST

As we look forward to our Women Inspiring Women symposium in March, we ask you to think of the women in engineering, science and technology who inspire you – from your mum, to your chemistry teacher, to Marie Curie.

Share this image with your friends and get talking. Send your inspiring women to us using #inspiringfest on Twitter, via Facebook, comment on this page or email

We want to raise the profile of women in science, engineering and technology and offer new role models to women throughout their careers.


We’ll be listing them all here!

Inspiring Women in Engineering, Science and Technology

Lizi Attwood (games programmer)

Alice Bartlett (digital media)

Pauline Banks (healthcare)

Ayah Bdeir (interactive artist and engineer)

Sue Black (computer scientist)

Anita Borg (technology)

Jocelyn Bell Burnell (astrophysicist)

Eileen Burbidge (tech)

Becca Caddy (tech journalist, edit of Shiny Shiny and The Spin Alley)

Yvonne Cagle (astronaut)

Muffy Calder (computer science, Chief Scientific Advisor for Scotland)

Natasha Carolan (digital designer)

Carolyn Choudhary (psychology)

Sherry Coutu (entrepreneur and investor)

Marie Curie (chemist and physicist)

Adena DeMonter (digital marketing)

Alex Deschamps Sonsino (industrial and interaction designer)

Jane ni Dhulchaointigh (inventor of Sugru)

Athene Donald (experimental physicist)

Dawn Fitt (engineer)

Meaghan Fitzgerald (startup technology)

Limor Fried (electrical engineer)

Uta Frith (neuroscientist)

Fabiola Gianotti (physicist, head of ATLAS experiment)

Pamela Gillies (health sciences)

Angela Hatton (microbial ecologist)

Gabi Hegerl (climate scientist)

Caroline Herschel (astronomer)

Julia Higgins (chemical engineer)

Grace Hopper (computer scientist)

Hypatia (Ancient Alexandrian mathematician)

Karen James (biologist)

Bindi Karia (tech startups)

Jessie Kennedy (information visualisation and database systems)

Hedy LaMarr (inventor, mathematician and actress)

Nancy Lane (zoology)

Martha Lane Fox (internet businesswoman)

Irene Leigh (skin biology and disease)

Keza MacDonald (gaming journalist, UK games editor at IGN)

Jane McGonigal (designer of humanitarian alternative reality games)

Christine McKie (crystallographer)

Mazz Mosley (developer, tech lead for Government Digital Service)

Emily Newton Dunn  (game designer)

Rachel Norman (aquatic food security)

Clare Parnell (solar physicist)

Maggie Philbin (BBC tech journalist, CEO TeenTech)

Sue Pyne (molecular signalling)

Siobhan Reddy (game development)

Jo Roach (digital media)

Susan Roaf (Eco architecture)

Colva Roney-Dougal (mathematics)

Lucy Rogers (engineering, author)

Nancy Rothwell (physiologist)

Jen Scheer (former Space Shuttle technician)

Natalie Silvey (doctor)

Valentina Tereshkova (astronaut)

Jo Tomlin (digital marketing)

Meg Urry (astronomy)

Pam Wain (engineering)

Ariel Waldman (spaceflight engagement)

Nia White (microbiology and mycology)

Chien-Shiung Wu (physicist)

Lesley Yellowlees (chemist)

“The chemistry lecturer who took the time to stop and chat with me but whose name I can’t now remember”

UCL Women in Engineering

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