Shuyu Lin, President

To me, OxFEST’s values are about understanding the differences – a good understanding within a single gender for better support; a thorough understanding across different genders to avoid unnecessary bias or boundaries in forming or/and maintaining relationships. I’ve been working in OxFEST committee for the past 3 years on positions including event co-ordinator, VP for events and secretary; I have learnt an awful lot from my time at OxFEST and I hope to do the best to make OxFEST a fun places for all of members to meet each other, learn new skills and be inspired by amazing people.

Megha Hegde, Vice President (Event)

I am a third year Engineering Science student, and I am OxFEST’s VP of Events this year. I’m enthusiastic about all things science-related, and am excited for a year full of fun events and socials. OxFEST’s core values ring true with me, as I believe that any field is a lot more welcoming when we encourage open and meaningful dialogue about diversity and equality. I hope that our events can provide an opportunity for students of all genders, from all backgrounds, to come together to learn more about their interests in STEM and the diverse range of people who contribute to it every day.

Farah Shamout, Vice President (Conference)

I am a DPhil in Engineering Science student, and I am working as OxFEST’s VP of Conference this year. Reflecting on my experience with similar initiatives during previous years, such as Arab Women in Computing, as a Google Student Ambassador or the Google Anita Borg Scholarship, I believe that I share the core values of OxFEST: providing opportunities, advancing diversity and empowering women in STEM. For this year’s conference, I plan to work with the conference team to host an impactful event with fresh ideas, including mentorship, self-care and STEM taster sessions for secondary school students – to initiate meaningful conversations and friendships at Oxford and beyond.

Nicole Kuek, Vice President (Mentoring)

I’m a first-year engineer and I’ll be working as the mentoring vice president position. I think mentors are extremely valuable, especially in high-pressure environments like Oxford. Personally, I found it useful to ask my mentor for help without feeling like a burden, and have insightful conversations with someone who was recently in my position. I will match students and professionals according to their long-term goals, using existing OxFEST connections and my own network. I will organise initial face-to-face meetings for everyone and gather feedback at least once a term to keep improving.

Wing Ki Wong, Event Co-ordinator

I am a second year DPhil in Bioinformatics, with a background in Bioengineering. OxFEST stands out to me as a supportive network for women in the technical sectors, who gather to instate gender equality. Believing in the comparable ability of both genders, I identify fully with the value that OxFEST upholds and would like to support the organisation of events which would a) raise the profile of women in technology, and b) inspire women to build a career in the field, with role models who successfully manage social expectations.

Jessica Ellins, Event Co-ordinator

I’m Jess, I’m a third year Biochemist at Pembroke. I believe that male-dominated science environments can be toxic places for women and prevent talented women from reaching their full potential. By providing mentoring support and organising inspiring talks from female role models, OxFEST can truly help make science a more gender-equal environment which benefits everyone! I can’t wait to get started and hopefully help make this the best year yet for OxFEST.

Brooke Lear, Event Co-ordinator

I attended the annual OxFEST conference this year, and was inspired by the speakers talking about gender inequality and overcoming the associated barriers, and how we can inspire young girls into STEM subjects as one of the ways to break down these barriers. I am passionate about both of these, I organised a small workshop for girls in my school for NWED. I’m currently President of the Joint Sciences Winter Ball, so I have experience planning an event months in advance and learning to multitask.

Amina Ali, Event Co-ordinator

The main value of OxFEST that I share is providing a support network for female scientists. I think it is important for female scientists to be inspired and feel like they have a network to lean on in order to encourage them to strive and prosper in their respective career paths. Spreading opportunities is also important to me as sometimes young women are not aware of the opportunities available to them and they may not have the confidence to approach these opportunities so social support is also important.

I identify as a British Asian and Muslim female in STEM. I have faced many obstacles in my journey to Oxford and being in STEM. What has encouraged me along the way is seeing inspirational females within my field and having mentoring support from motivational females. I’d like to give back by organizing events that will encourage and support women in STEM.

Rowan Morris, Conference Co-ordinator

I think promoting STEM as an option for women and social justice is very important. Also it’s really important as women in STEM we offer each other support as we are a minority group. My experience of OxFEST has also been brilliant in terms of its intersectional outlook and diversity when it comes to all minority groups.

Ina Hanninger, Mentoring Co-ordinator

I am most interested in OxFEST because I have long had a passion for spreading the joys of STEM to other women. Having experienced myself the difficulties and obstacles and discrimination when pursuing Engineering, I feel a duty to give back and support other women going through the same experiences as me. Back in my secondary school/sixth form I’ve had extensive experience organising events, coordinating workshops and even setting up a mentoring project for underprivileged school students.

Bryony Perham, Publicity Officer

I feel like the disparity in gender in senior staff in almost all science subjects across the university is extremely worrying – it is quite unmotivating to see such a low proportion of female lecturers when more than half undergraduates in our year are female. I have a lot of experience with access work in condition with my college and school, and have been a maths mentor for many years. I have good organisation skills, and love meeting and collaborating with new people! Specifically for the publicity officer role, I have a lot of experience in being part of social media campaigns – from college welfare events to work with university sports. I’d love to build and expand this experience, and feel this role with be a great platform for that!

Antonia Siu, IT Officer

I’m currently IT Officer for Balliol JCR and also for TEDxOxford. I was also involved with the IT side of Balliol Ball, which included the website, some ticketing and video editing. At the moment, I have been part of the OxFEST mentoring team. I really share OxFEST’s values in terms of supporting women in stem and promoting diversity. I’ve already been in OxFEST committee for a full year and would like to stay for another year and apply my IT skills to make OxFEST and what we do more visible.