PresidentKiran Sidhu ( 

Kiran is a 4th year undergraduate studying for a Masters in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry at University College. She’s taken on the role as President following a year as VP for Mentoring. Kiran is extremely excited to deliver

Secretary: Shuyu Lin (

This is Shuyu’s 3rd year as a committee member of OxFEST. She believes this society is magic, it lets her make best friends in Oxford and gives her the chance to know and work with companies which take gender equality as one of their key missions. She looks forward to delivering for the OxFEST members this year. She also likes technology, travel and food, and loves to meet people sharing the same interests!

Treasurer:  Yuxi Yao

Vice-President for Events: Hannah Wilson

Hannah is a 4th year Chemist at Merton, which means that she now gets to wear a labcoat all of the time! When out of the lab, she enjoys cooking (or eating!), playing music, and keeping up with other exciting science going on in Oxford. Having been an Events Coordinator for OxFEST last year, she’s honoured to take up the position of VP Events, and hopes to bring fun and informative events to an ever widening audience of female scientists in the society. She has met some really wonderful people through OxFEST so far, and hopes that many more will have the chance to do the same.

Events subcommittee: Suwanja Srikanth, Queer Gu, Eliza McHugh

Suwanja is currently reading second year in MPhys degree, at Balliol. She is very passionate about creating gender equality in Science, especially as it becomes a more serious problem, higher up the ladder. She has promoted STEM to younger girls by running engineering and physics workshops of girls aged 14-17. She highly enjoys dance and loves teaching others about dance as well.

Yueer is a third-year engineer (mainly focus on Biomedical and Chemical) at St. Peter’s College. She is really passionate about doing international voluntary work. As a Events coordinator in the OxFEST committee she wishes to help organise and arrange the upcoming events to bring more females in the STEM fields to attend these events and interact with each other. In her free time she enjoys jogging, doing fitness and listening to music.

Eliza is a second year undergraduate Chemist at Balliol. She is looking forward to continuing OxFEST’s work in supporting and celebrating women in science, and hopes by doing so to raise some awareness of the issues facing women in STEM subjects. Outside of chemistry she spends her time on the beach, playing frisbee, and singing (occasionally all at once).

Vice-President for Conference: Nehal Gupta

Nehal is currently a 4th year undergrad at Oriel College studying Engineering. She has been involved with OxFEST for the past three years and is currently VP Conference. She is passionate about not only gender equality in STEM but also about women empowerment and wishes to help both of those causes while in OxFEST as well as out of it.

Conference subcommittee: Emily Ball, Jacqueline Gill and Martyna Lukoseviciute

Emily is a second year undergraduate at St Catherine’s College, studying Mathematics. She is really excited to be joining the OxFEST Conference team this year so she can be a part of a team organising an event to encourage and inspire women in STEM and to promote gender equality in the community. Outside of academic work, she enjoys reading, hiking and playing basketball!

Jacqueline is a second year DPhil student in evolutionary microbiology, focussing on antibiotic resistance. She completed her MChem at the University of Warwick. She joined the OxFEST committee because she believes that it is important for women in STEM to share their experiences, and to promote equality in STEM fields.

Martyna is a second year DPhil student studying epigenetic mechanisms in embryo development in Medical Sciences Division, St Catherine’s College. Besides tackling scientific riddles, she enjoys meeting new people from different backgrounds and outdoorsy activities, such as hiking and running. She decided to join OxFEST conference team to expand her organisational skills and help bringing inspirational speakers to the event. She believes that shared success/struggle stories could truly encourage and motivate young women in STEM fields to reach their maximum career potential.

Vice-President for Mentoring: Kofoworola Spaine

Kofo is a 4th year Engineering student at Balliol College. She is passionate about encouraging female science students in their academic pursuits and social growth, and co-founded a women in science club (called the Balliol STEM-sisters) with another student in her college. She is also a STEM ambassador under the engineering department and participates in outreach activities that encourage younger students to consider science. She enjoys storytelling in as many forms as she can find, and devours fictional movies and books, as well as writing a little herself.

Publicity Officers: Hannah Sharpe and Natalie Lo

Hannah has completed a degree in Biological Sciences and is now studying for a Msc in Integrated Immunology. Her role as Publicity Officer involves advertising OxFEST’s events, conferences and socials, as well as helping spread the word about OxFEST throughout the university. She looks forward to publicising all that OxFEST has to offer to women in STEM subjects, and she aims to get as many people as possible involved throughout the next academic year. In her spare time she enjoys music, blogging about science, and helping out with the orchestra she is in.

Natalie is a fourth year undergraduate reading Engineering Science at Somerville College. Studying in such a male-dominated subject, she knows women can actually do as well as men. She hopes to promote on gender equality and encourage women to work in scientific area. As a publicity officer, she wishes to foster better communication between OxFEST and the public through social media because it has become the most efficient tool to communicate in modern world. In her free time, she likes to dance and walk around to explore new places.