President: Marimar Bravo Cadena

Secretary: Beatrice Tyrrell

Treasurer:  Maria Garcia Espinosa

Vice-President for Events: Shuyu Lin

Vice-President for the Conference: Chau Ta

Vice-President for Mentoring: Kiran Sidhu

Events subcommittee:

  • Coordinators: Nehal Gupta‎, Khushboo Borah‎, Hannah Wilson‎, Matilde Stefanini
  • IT/Website Officer: Andrea Marzoca

Conference subcommittee:

  • Coordinators: Dina Morhij‎, Yulin Liu‎, Megan Sloan‎, Minji Kim 
  • Logistics and University Liaison: Lakshmi Adapa 

Mentoring team: Vanshika Sharma‎, Louise Lundberg, Rachel Wheatley‎, Edwina Donlan


Marimar Bravo Cadena (President)


Marimar is an Engineering Science DPhil student working in a multidisciplinary project. Her research focuses on the use of nanoparticles to deliver biocides to plants to treat, prevent and control bacterial diseases. She completed her BSc Biotechnology Engineering in Mexico and her MSc Biotechnology and Enterprise in Manchester. Marimar is passionate about gender equiality and is interested in promoting STEM through exciting events organised by OxFEST that will motivate more women to join STEM fields. She enjoys travelling, reading and going out with her friends.

You can reach Marimar at


Shuyu Lin (Vice President – Events)

Shuyu Lin

Shuyu is reading her final year of Engineering Science at Oxford. Experiences with OxFEST started in her fresher’s year, joined a few events and made good friends. Then got involved with organizing events as a committee member last year. Absolutely impressed by all the members of the team, who are very dedicated, professional and always willing to support and share experiences. Now she hopes to bring more variety into events, make them more popular and offer opportunities for members to socialise with an amazing event team in the upcoming year.

You can reach Shuyu at


Chau My Ta (Vice President – Conference)

Chau My Ta

Chau is a DPhil student in Pharmacology, with a focus on vascular research. She believes that having men and women equally in STEM would bring more ideas, talents and contributions to these fields. As a conference committee member, she hopes the conference would bring like-minded women together to share experience and identify solutions to challenges in pursuing a career in STEM. Outside the lab and Oxfest, Chau is a karaoke addict and could be found humming songs while on her bike around Oxford.

You can reach Chau at


Kiran Sidhu (Vice President – Mentoring)


Kiran is a third year undergraduate reading Biochemistry at University College.  She looks forward to the opportunity to support and promote women in STEM through the mentoring programme, which allows mentees to benefit from the mentors about careers, academic issues and mentor’s experiences, as well as through events and workshops. In her free time Kiran enjoys kickboxing, doing access work for the university and hanging out with friends.

You can reach Kiran at


Beatrice Tyrrell (Secretary)

10923225_10152701991663479_5833986619572571374_n (2)

Beatrice is a first-year DPhil student in Infection, Immunology and Translational Medicine and a member of St Edmund Hall. Her research focuses on the interactions between pathogen and host. Beatrice is passionate about ensuring that the choices and issues facing women in science are discussed honestly and openly. After attending the OxFEST conference in March 2015, she wanted to get involved with OxFEST at the committee level. October 2015 will mark the 3000th female student matriculating at her college, and she will work within both OxFEST and St Edmund Hall to facilitate events promoting both women in science and women more broadly at Oxford.

You can reach Beatrice at


María García Espinosa (Treasurer)

Maria Garcia

María is a DPhil student in the departament of Civil Engineering. She completed her MEng at the University of Salamanca (Spain) Spain and her Msc at the University of Brighton (UK). Her research is focused in the Risk Estimation of Rocking components subjected to Ground Motions. She believes in gender equality not only in STEM but also in all different areas. Outside her office she loves to do sports, travelling and chilling with her friends

You can reach María at


Nehal Gupta (Events Coordinator)

Nehal Gupta

Nehal is a third year undergraduate studying Engineering at Oriel College. She has recently discovered her passion to help people feel as comfortable as she feels as a female in the STEM field. As a Events coordinator, she hopes to meet other people strugglng with issues that she has felt. I want to help organize events that encourage women to reach their potential in the STEM Fields. Nehal enjoys art and dancing in her free time, when she isn’t on youtube.

You can reach Nehal at


Khushboo Borah (Events Coordinator)


I am a second year Dphil student in the department of Plant sciences and a member of Keble college. My research focuses on to understand the metabolic interaction between nitrogen fixing bacteria and legume plants. I was very interested in the previous Oxfest events and workshops which turned out to be motivating and useful for me. I wanted to get more involved in the society this year and hence chose to be a part of the events team where I want to organize and bring together amazing events that are useful to and encourages women in STEM. I highly enjoy playing badminton and is the captain of the Keble badminton club. I also enjoy dancing and art.

You can reach Khushboo at


Matilde Stefanini (Events Coordinator)


Matilde is a second year DPhil student on the BHF Cardiovascular Sciences programme. She believes that education and gender equality are the two fundamental steps for a more equal society. It is very important to engage the public in the debate on these topics, and this is why she joined the events team. When she is not working in the lab, Matilde enjoys doing science outreach, cooking and gardening.

You can reach Matilde at


Hannah Wilson (Events Coordinator)


Hannah is a third year undergraduate Chemist at Merton. She is looking forward to keeping the scientific student community at Oxford aware of OxFEST through encouraging them to attend various events throughout the year, to meet each other and share experiences of being a female in science, hopefully keeping an element of fun and enjoyment to all events, too! In her spare time, she enjoys playing music, and visiting new places.

You can reach Hannah at


 Andreea Marzoca (IT/Website Officer)


Andreea is a second year undergraduate studying Mathematics and Computer Science at Worcester College. She is looking forward to helping the other members of the OxFEST committee by ensuring that both this website, and the upcoming conference website, are working and up to date.

You can reach Andreea at


Dina Morhij (Conference Coordinator)

Dina Morhij

Dina is a third year undergraduate of Physics at Worcester College. She has been actively helping and encouraging others to appreciate and pursue science ever since she discovered her own passion for the field. This time, as a coordinator for the 2016 OxFEST conference, she is focusing her efforts on bringing to light and tackling some of the challenges women face in STEM.
In her free time, and when she is not procrastinating, Dina enjoys drawing manga (or telling others about her obsession with manga) and hiking.

You can reach Dina at


Yulin Liu (Conference Coordinator)


Yulin is a third year undergraduate of Engineering at Balliol College. She has found Engineering a genuinely intriguing and rewarding realm and hopes to promote more gender equality particularly in STEM subjects. As a conference coordinator, she wishes to create an occasion where enlightening figures regarding gender equality issues in STEM would share their experiences and insights and bring helpful suggestions to those interested, hesitant or bewildered. In her free time, she likes exploring tasty food in the city and is also slightly artsy.

You can reach Yulin at


Megan Sloan (Conference Coordinator)

MCR Webpage Megan

Megan is a DPhil student on the Wellcome Trust Infection, Immunology and Translational Programme and MCR Welfare Officer of St. Edmund Hall. She completed her BSc in Biology at the University of Bath and currently finds herself in the realm of molecular parasitology, which she loves. She joined OxFEST as she is passionate about gender equality, especially in STEM subjects. As part of the conference team she hopes to help woman at all stages of their careers come together to share experience and ideas. When she’s not in the lab she likes to bake, play video games, play football for Teddy Hall or watch her favourite team (Liverpool FC) at the pub.

You can reach Megan at


Min Ji Kim (Conference Coordinator)

Min Ji Kim

Min Ji Kim is a third year student reading Biochemistry and a member of St. Hilda’s college. Through her position as Speaker Coordinator, she hopes to promote women involvement in science. She is passionate about encouraging women in STEM because a great potential is lost whenever a woman scientist decides to prematurely end her career. In her free time, Min Ji enjoys jogging, playing basketball or playing the piano.

You can reach Min Ji at


Louise Lundberg (Mentoring Representative)

Louise Lundberg

Louise is a second year DPhil student at the Department of Pharmacology where she works on a joint project with Public Health England investigating the effects of electromagnetic fields from mobile phones and electrical appliances on the brain. She has got an MSc in Biomedicine from the University of Southern Denmark. Louise has joined the OxFEST committee this year as a mentoring representative, she is very passionate about building a supportive environment for women in STEM and thinks that the mentoring scheme greatly contributes to
this. In her spare time she enjoys reading,  yoga and walks in the lovely English countryside.

You can reach Louise at


Edwina Donlan (Mentoring Representative)

Edwina Donlan

My name is Edwina and I’m a third year undergraduate at Wadham College reading Chemistry. I joined the OxFest Mentoring team this year as I highly value the advice and support that having a female mentor in the STEM industry can provide. I’m excited to promote the programme this coming year and cast a wider net to get more women involved. Outside of academic work I love watching movies, travelling and baking!

You can reach Edwina at


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