President: Anna Muszkiewicz

Vice-President & Lead Conference Coordinator: Ronja Woloszczuk

Secretary: Poppy Roworth

Treasurer: Aditi Srivastava

Sponsorship Officer: Marimar Bravo Cadena

Publicity Officer: Maria Sobczyk

Website Officer: Wujing Wang

Events Coordinators: Jan Cosgrave, Shuyu Lin, Xiaonan Lu

Conference Coordinators: Nayab Malik, Lauren Peters

Mentoring Representatives: Whitney F. Kellett, Rachel Wheatley, Maria Suciu

Anna Muszkiewicz (President)


Anna is a second-year DPhil student in Computational Medicine at the Department of Computer Science in Oxford and a member of St John’s College. In her research she investigates the contribution of redox species on heart arrhythmias.

Anna is passionate about promoting and supporting women in STEM. She was a Publicity Officer for OxFEST in the past academic year, and is thrilled to lead the society this year as the President. Her primary responsibilities lie with organization of OxFEST inaugural Speaker Series ‘Inspiring STEM’, OxFEST workshop series furthering gender awareness and employability skills, and social events. She also overlooks OxFEST’s Mentoring Scheme.

In her free time, Anna is a passionate traveller and an avid reader.

You can reach Anna on


Ronja Woloszczuk (Vice-President)


Ronja is a second year DPhil candidate at the Department of Biochemistry and a member of St. Catherine’s College. Her research focus is on regulatory mechanisms of transcription through epigenetics in yeast.
Ronja has had a long standing interest in supporting women in STEM subjects. She was the the OxFEST treasurer in the academic year 2013/2014. In the current academic year, Ronja is keen to promote women in STEM from a variety of fields in her role as the OxFEST Vice-President. In particular, she wants to explore the role of policy in supporting women in STEM, work towards establishing a community of young confident and self-aware scientists and engineers and help women reach their full potential.

As Head Organiser of the OxFEST conference next March, she is the main point of contact for any questions relating to the OxFEST conference “Postcards from the future: Rewriting the script for women in STEM ” due to take place on 6-8th March 2015.

In her free time, Ronja enjoys art as well as literature and the theatre and is involved in projects and societies encouraging innovation and publicizing lectures being given in Oxford.

You can reach Ronja on


Poppy Roworth (Secretary)

Poppy Roworth

Poppy is a second year DPhil student at the Department of Oncology and a member of Kellogg College. Her research is based on cancer biology and determining how the cell switches from a growth state to a death state.

She is keen to help support women in STEM, through OxFEST’s mentoring scheme and events as well as encouraging more girls to take up science. After attending OxFEST’s 2013 symposium, she knew that this was a society she wanted to be a part of! She is interested in looking at the differences between academia and industry – does one support women better? How is this achieved and can we apply techniques to improve the other?

As secretary of OxFEST, Poppy is responsible for taking minutes, organising meetings and making sure the society is registered with the University each term. 

In her free time (hahaha) Poppy enjoys playing netball, horse riding, reading, tea and pub quizzes.

You can reach Poppy at


Aditi Srivastava (Treasurer)

Aditi Srivastava2

Aditi is a 2nd year undergraduate reading Engineering, Economics and Management at Exeter College.She is the treasurer of OxFest and keeps the money flowing!

She aims to help increase opportunities for women in STEM.

You can reach Aditi at :  


Marimar Bravo Cadena (Sponsorship Officer)

Marimar Bravo Cadena.jpg

Marimar is a 1st year DPhil student at the Department of Engineering. She studied her BSc in Biotechnology Engineering in Mexico and an MSc Biotechnology and Enterprise in Manchester. She is the Sponsorship Officer of OxFEST and is very excited to be part of this society’s committee. Marimar would like to promote gender equality and motivate women to work in science by organising events that will help women thrive in STEM fields. Besides working in the lab and doing research, Marimar enjoys travelling, reading, going to the movies and going out.

You can reach Marimar at:


Maria Sobczyk (Publicity Officer)


Maria is a fourth year DPhil in Genomic Medicine and Statistics at St Cross College, trying to decipher the genetic causes of severe anaemias. She obtained her BSc in Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany and has a MSc in Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Medicine, UCL, UK. Studying in different cultures, Maria was surprised by the similar issues that women scientists have to deal with. This has motivated her to get involved and join OxFEST’s mentoring scheme to raise awareness and help her fellow colleagues overcome the challenges of a career in STEM.

You can reach Maria CS:


Wujing Wang(Website Officer)


Wujing is doing her master (Learning & Technology) at Education Department.  Her passion is to leverage technology to education and she is excited to join OxFEST as the Website Officer, which enables her to contribute to women’s learning in STEM with her strength in website design and development! Also, please let her know if you have any feedbacks on the website!

You can reach Wujing at


Chanatjit Cheawsamoot (Event Coordinator)

Chanatjit is a 2nd year biologist at St Hilda’s. She is the sponsor event coordinator of OxFEST. By joining the committee she wants to be involved in helping to organise events that provide personal and professional development for females studying STEM subjects. She believes OxFEST provides a supportive environment complete with excellent role models of females in science, from within our members and from the speakers we invite.

You can reach Chanatjit at


Jan Cosgrave (Events Coordinator)

Jan Cosgrave. PHOTO.

Jan is a 2nd year currently reading for a D.Phil. in Clinical Neuroscience at St. John’s College. She investigates the complex relationship between disturbed sleep and the early stages of mental health illness. Whilst originally from Dublin, she has spent the last 6 years studying psychology in the UK. Oxford has certainly been a highlight!

2014 marks the year in which the 2000th woman commenced studies at St. John’s College at the University of Oxford. St. John’s College are therefore hosting celebratory events aimed at helping promote women in academia across the university. Earlier this year, Jan was appointed as an ambassador of the 2000 Women in St. John’s College. She believed joining forces with OxFEST would be ideal to promote the society’s interests, as well as aligning with the intentions of College’s celebrations. To mark this collaboration, Jan is running OxFEST’s first college dinner in St. John’s to mark the advances in women in both the society and the college itself.

In her free time, Jan enjoys the cinema, playing squash, cooking and drinking copious amounts of delicious wine!

You can reach Jan at


Shiyu Lin (Events Coordinator)

Shuyu Lin

My name’s Shuyu Lin, 3rd year undergraduate reading Engineering Science at Exeter College, Oxford. I’m the event co-ordinator for OxFEST in the academic year 2014-2015. Motivation before joining the committee was this society organising amazing events, but now it becomes amazing people gathering around here and I’m honored to be one of them!!

You can reach Shiyu at


Xiaonan Lu (Events Coordinator)


Xiaonan Lu is a 2nd year engineering undergraduate student in St John’s College. From her internship experiences, she understood the discouraging stereotypes women faced when working in this man-domineering industry. Conscious of her female identity, she joined OxFEST and hoped to raise awareness for women in STEM fields.

As an event coordinator, Xiaonan is responsible for the organization of speaker series, where outstanding women from various disciplines are invited to share their career paths and life stories. These examples would hopefully encourage like-minded women to pursue their dream careers and help them exceed in STEM fields in the future.

Xiaonan is also involved in Oxford Energy society and Oxford engineering society. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, photography, and playing cards with friends.

You can reach Xiaonan on


Nayab Malik (Conference Coordinator)


Nayab is a DPhil student in Structural Biology and a member of Trinity College. She completed her BSc. in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany (and is ecstatic about the German victory in FIFA World Cup 2014!). Her research involves cryo-electron tomography studies of Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and its infectious cycle.
In her free time she enjoys playing Floorball (Unihockey), reading, running half-marathons, trying exotic baking recipes and traveling around the world. She is also the President of Oxford University Floorball Club and welcomes you to try this fantastic sport!

As part of OxFEST she hopes to promote gender equality in STEM fields and encourage more women to follow their dream careers. Her role as one of the Conference Coordinators is to organise the yearly OxFEST symposium, where everyone can come and be inspired by the incredible female leaders that are invited from around Europe. If you are interested in getting in touch with her, you can reach her at:

You can reach Nayab at


Yolanda Wang (Conference Coordinator)


Yolanda is a fourth year student in Chemistry and a member of Magdalen College. From her past experiences she has organised events in various societies and organisations ,such as  Oxford University Chinese Society and Jacari. Being a member of committee at OxFEST allows her to think more deeply in terms of female students in STEM, and how OxFEST can help them to achieve goals and fulfil potentials. As one of the Conference Coordinator, she is responsible for the logistics. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling and photographing.

You can reach Yolanda at:


Lauren Peters (Conference Coordinator)

Lauren Peters

Lauren is in the fourth year of her undergraduate Masters in Physics. She has been involved in science outreach throughout her time at Oxford and is passionate about encouraging girls to consider science at higher education. Being a member of the OxFest committee brings a new focus for her: what issues do women face when pursuing a career in STEM and how can women maximise their potential? Being one of three conference coordinators for this year’s symposium plays into her love of both organisation and teamwork – she couldn’t be happier!

North Wales is one of Lauren’s favourite places to be: walking in the mountains or dinghy sailing on the lakes. However, she loves meeting new people and exploring new places – for which she could be anywhere.

You can reach lauren at


 Laura Godfrey (Mentoring Representative)

Laura Godfrey

Laura is a 2nd year DPhil student in the Medical sciences department and a member of Linacre College. Previously, she obtained her BSc in Biology at the University of Leeds, UK. Laura is also the student representative of the women in science committee at the Wetherall instititute of Molecular medicine (WIMM) as well as the student Welfare secretary at Linacre college. She is now one of the OxFEST mentoring representatives and is committed to providing a valuable mentoring scheme to aid fellow colleagues in STEM careers achieve their potential.


You can reach Laura at


 Whitney F. Kellett (Mentoring Representative)

Mentoring Representative – Wilmer K. Fife Graduate Scholar, PhD Candidate (defending thesis 2014), Purdue University, Indiana, USA

Whitney will defend her PhD thesis at Purdue University, Indiana, USA in Summer 2014.  She will be transitioning to Oxford as Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Chemistry shortly thereafter.  Whitney is motivated to be the Mentoring Representative because she is passionate about including underrepresented populations in the STEM fields.

You can reach Whitney at 


 Rachel Wheatley (Mentoring Representative)

rachel wheatley

Rachel is a first year DPhil student in the department of Plant Sciences and a member of St Hughs College. She works in the Rhizosphere lab and her research is focused on using molecular biology approaches to help understand the mechanism of root attachment and colonisation by Rhizobium. She is one of the OxFEST Mentoring Representatives and is passionate about the values of a mentoring scheme helping other fellow STEM women feeling confident in achieving their goals.

You can reach Rachel at


 Maria Suciu (Mentoring Representative)


Maria is a fourth year DPhil in Genomic Medicine and Statistics at St Cross College, trying to decipher the genetic causes of severe anaemias. She obtained her BSc in Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany and has a MSc in Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Medicine, UCL, UK. Studying in different cultures, Maria was surprised by the similar issues that women scientists have to deal with. This has motivated her to get involved and join OxFEST’s mentoring scheme to raise awareness and help her fellow colleagues overcome the challenges of a career in STEM.

You can reach Maria CS:

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