President: Leigh Paton

Secretary: Mao Isobe

Treasurer: Ronja Woloszczuk

Sponsorship Secretary: Matylda Maciejewska

Publicity Officer: Anna Muszkiewicz

Website Officer: Anna ML Coenen Stass

Events Coordinators: Diana Di Paolo, Yue Hui

Mentoring Representatives: Ewelina Gregolinska, Annika Boldt

Leigh Paton (President)


Leigh Paton is a 3rd year DPhil student at the MRC Functional Genomics Unit and St John’s College. In her undergraduate degree she studied Pharmacology at the University of Glasgow, which included a one year work placement at the pharmaceutical company Novartis in Basel, Switzerland. In her research she is very interested in elucidating novel pathways of neurodegenerative diseases that could in future be targeted for drug development.

She has enjoyed her previous year with OxFEST as Events-Coordinator so much that in her new role as President of OxFEST she wants to build on the previous year and support all the woman in science to go that extra step in a scientific career. She is especially passionate about promoting woman in science and help motivated scientists and engineers in their professional development.


Mao Isobe (Secretary)

MaoMao is a third year undergraduate student in Chemistry at Merton College. She is looking forward to her work as Secretary of OxFEST this year and being involved in supporting women in engineering, science and technology.

Besides chemistry and OxFEST Mao enjoys traveling, working with the student newspaper and playing niche instruments such as the ukulele and recorder.


Ronja Woloszczuk (Treasurer)

photo ronja

Having completed her BA in Biochemistry, Ronja is a now a 2nd year DPhil student in the Doctoral Training Centre for Systems Biology at Linacre College.

Besides her DPhil and her work for OxFEST, she enjoys painting and sculpting in her free time. She is looking forward to promoting women in science, engineering and technology at all levels of their careers and is hoping to bring attention to successful women in their respective fields.


Anna Muszkiewicz (Publicity Officer)

AnnaMHaving completed her undergraduate studies in Chemical Physics at Edinburgh University in Scotland, Anna is now in her second year of the four-year Systems Biology Doctoral Training Centre at St John’s College, Oxford. Amongst others, she is passionate about supporting women in science and looks forward to advertising OxFEST events within the Oxford University community.

Apart from her D.Phil. and OxFEST activities, Anna thoroughly enjoys painting, travels to distant lands and a bit of yoga in the morning.


Matylda Maciejewska (Sponsorship Secretary)


Matylda is 3rd Year chemist at Merton College. Being very interested in the dialog between university students and the industry, she is committed to establish and develop sponsorship relations between the two.

Outside of OxFEST, Matylda is an Access Ambassador working both in Oxford and her vacation home, Plymouth. She is currently extending her Outreach activities as a STEM Ambassador. Matylda believes informing young teenage girls about science is where one can begin to ignite their enthusiasm.


Anna ML Coenen-Stass (Website Officer)

???????????????????????????????Anna ML Coenen-Stass is a 1st year DPhil student at the Department for Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics and St John’s College. Previously, she studied Molecular Life Science at the University of Lübeck. Her Master’s studies included research visits to both Yale and Oxford University. Currently, she is very interested in elucidating the role of circulating small RNAs in neuromuscular disorders and their potential as disease biomarkers and therapeutic targets.

Having enjoyed many OxFEST events last year she is highly motivated to support women in science. As webmaster, she aims to further enlarge the outreach of OxFEST and she would very much like to hear from if you have any comments or suggestion regarding the website.


Diana Di Paolo (Events Coordinator)

DianaDiana is a 3rd year DPhil in Biophysics at the Life Sciences Interface Doctoral Training Centre and St. Cross College, Oxford. Her research focuses on dynamics and protein exchange in the bacterial flagellar motor of Escherichia coli combining single-molecule fluorescence techniques, electroporation of fluorescent dye-labelled proteins and super-resolution microscopy. She completed her undergraduate and Master degrees in Physics, specialising in Condensed Matter, at the University of Pisa, Italy.

In her new role as Events Coordinator of OxFEST, she looks forward to organizing exciting and inspiring events to motivate and support young women in Engineering, Science and Technology in their careers and everyday lives, and to building a collaborative bridge between academic environment and industry.


Yue Hui (Events Coordinator)

I’m Yue Hui, a second year mathematics&statistics undergraduate at Christ Church College and my role in OxFEST is events coordinator. In my spare time, I enjoy music or just sit there daydreaming. As you might guess, I’m from China and you can ask me any questions about my home country.

As an event coordinator, I am also very happy to answer any questions about OxFEST events and if you have any inquiries, advises or recommendations, please let me know!


 Annika Boldt (Mentoring Representative)


After finishing her studies of neurocognitive sciences in Berlin, Amsterdam and Columbus, Ohio, Annika set out to delve deeper into the many mysteries of the brain and started her DPhil at University College, Oxford, where she is currently in her third year. Her thesis focuses on cognitive control in humans, more specifically metacognition and error monitoring.

Annika believes in the benefits of mentoring and is therefore excited to be promoting OxFEST’s mentoring scheme together with Ewelina Gregolinska this year. Feel free to contact her with any questions you might have.


 Ewelina Gregolinska (Mentoring Representative)

EweSurrounded by chemistry from very early years Ewelina was always passionate about science and feels very privileged to be given opportunity to study chemistry at Exeter College, Oxford. Now in her 4th year working in Christiane Timmel’s research group she is very excited to become a member of OxFEST committee and looks forward to developing mentoring scheme together with Annika Boldt. Raising her 2,5 year old daughter gave her appreciation of the problems that women may face going into careers in academia and elsewhere. She realizes that there is a lot of work to be done on our way to equality and believes that initiatives like OxFEST can help achieve it faster by boosting women’s confidence.

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