President: Lucy Hutchinson

Secretary: Anneke Kramm

Treasurer: Harriet Miller

Publicity Officer: Charlotte Mason

IT Officer: Kelly Rooke

Events Coordinator: Bryony Core

Events Coordinator: Leigh Paton

Undergraduate Rep: Jun Li

Consultant Ex-officer: Annie Ng

Lucy Hutchinson (President)


Having completed her BA in Physics at Mansfield College, Oxford, Lucy is now in her first year of the 4 year Industrial Doctorate Centre in Systems Approaches to Biomedical Science at Lincoln College, Oxford.

Lucy has taken an interest in widening access to University for some time, and has taken part in access work during her undergraduate degree; particularly in encouraging females to consider science. In her new role as President of OxFEST she looks forward to providing support and information for women studying science at University level and above.

Between her studies and OxFEST preparations, Lucy enjoys long distance running and has recently completed two half marathons.


Anneke Kramm (Secretary)


Anneke is a 3rd year DPhil student at St Catherine’s College. After her diploma in biology, she is now working in Musculoskeletal Sciences at the NDORMS. Her project is focussing on the epigenetic mechanisms of osteoblast differentiation.

Besides her DPhil and her work for OxFEST, Anneke is playing softball in the Oxford Softball League. She is looking forward to keep on working for OxFEST and to contribute to OxFEST’s work in providing a great networking platform and in supporting and encouraging women in their careers.


Harriet Miller (Treasurer)

Harriet is a third year medical student at Worcester College. Whilst undertaking her FHS laboratory project studying the expression profile of microRNAs in multiple myeloma she met a number of members of the OxFEST committee and was keen to get involved in the running of the society.

She is looking forward to all of the OxFEST events this year and being part of the team that helps to support women working in the science and technology sector at Oxford.


Charlotte Mason (Publicity Officer)


Charlotte Mason is a 4th year undergraduate student in Physics at Merton College. She hopes to go into research in cosmology and gravitation. She’s looking forward to promoting OxFEST’s work and events throughout the university this year, and to helping support young women in science.

Besides physics and OxFEST she is also involved in many outreach activities and publications, and enjoys rowing and cycling.


Kelly Rooke (IT Officer)


Kelly is a 2nd year DPhil student in Musculoskeletal Sciences (NDORMS) at Wolfson College, investigating the effect of small molecules inhibitors on arthritis macrophages, in collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline. She completed her undergraduate degree in Medical Genetics at Leicester University.

She looks forward to building a stable support network for females in engineering, science and technology at Oxford University while socialising together (because that is always fun)! She enjoys trampolining at the Oxford University Trampoline Club and is part of the NDORMs Student Committee at The Botnar Research Centre.


Bryony Core (Events Coordinator)


Bryony is a 2nd year DPhil in Inorganic Chemistry at Trinity College. Her research focusses on the synthesis of biodegradable polymers to replace olefin-based plastics. Her undergraduate degree was in Chemistry, specialising in homogeneous catalysis at the University of St Andrews.

She looks forward to working alongside a dynamic committee, helping to promote women in science and engineering. When she is not working on her DPhil or for OxFEST, she volunteers with the University’s SciencePlus programme, tutoring students in local schools in science and desigining costumes for student-run theatre productions.


Leigh Paton (Events Coordinator)


Leigh Paton is a 2nd year DPhil student at the MRC Functional Genomics Unit and St John’s College. In her undergraduate degree she studied Pharmacology at the University of Glasgow, which included a one year work placement at the pharmaceutical company Novartis in Basel, Switzerland. In her research she is very interested in elucidating novel pathways of neurodegenerative diseases that could in future be targeted for drug development.

She is very excited to promote woman in science and is looking forward to organising events that can help motivated scientists and engineers in their professional development.


Jun Li (Undergraduate Rep)


Jun Li is a 3rd year undergraduate student in Materials Science at Mansfield College. She joined OxFEST as an event coordinator this year. She is looking forward to organizing supporting and inspiring events for more vibrant women in Engineering, Science and Technology.

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