OxFEST is recruiting for the 2017/18 committee!

Being part of OxFEST is hugely rewarding – you get to meet great people, help put on fantastic events, and gain valuable skills and experience. If you’d like to apply to be part of next year’s committee, simply fill in this form before the 9th June. Positions available:


The president secures the sponsorship for the year following their presidency, coordinates the internal workings of OxFEST, chairs committee meetings and oversees the image of OxFEST on social media. It’s lots of fun and you get the opportunity to meet great people from across the university. Email kiran . sidhu@univ . ox . ac . uk if you have any questions.


The treasurer is in charge of the annual budget and handling money from sponsors.


The secretary has the responsibilities of the OxFEST newsletter, scheduling committee meetings and registering OxFEST with the Proctors each term.

Vice President of Events

This role is a great opportunity to shape the way that OxFEST interacts with the wider student body. It’s a role which involves leadership, organisation, and enthusiasm for engaging with women in STEM. Between you and your team of Events Coordinators, you will design and produce several sponsor events throughout the year, a task which involves communicating on a professional level with the sponsors, and helping the Events Coordinators to bring workshops and networking events to life. As well as sponsor events, there is the opportunity to organize socials, speaker events, and anything else you feel would enrich the OxFEST calendar.

Event Team Members (3-5 positions)

Organizing events with assistance and guidance from Event VP. Usually involve discussing a theme/topic of the event with our speakers/sponsors, booking the venue, promoting the events via various channels, arranging the sign-ups and seeing the event running on the big day! Really fun and rewarding!
 Vice President of Conference

One of the main events that we host is the annual conference. It is an excellent opportunity to decide what you want an entire conference to address, and idea that you want to share with individuals across Oxford. You get to invite speakers, run workshops and really make an entire day your own while working with an amazing team. If you have any questions, email Nehal Gupta at .

 Conference Team Members (3-5 positions)

The fundamental difference between organizing a conference and an event during the term is that you’ll need much a longer time to prepare but when it comes to deliver, it is also very exciting and you will have a great sense of achievement. The conference team members will work as a team to decide the theme of OxFEST annual conference, design the program so that everything flows, invite good speakers to present and ultimately sell the conference well locally in Oxford or nationally in the UK!! It is very exciting that OxFEST is able to offer this support financially that the conference team can almost run ideas as crazy as they would like – great opportunity!
 Vice President of Mentoring

This role involves seeking out suitable mentors for student members in industry or academia, and encouraging our members to build useful relationships with their chosen mentors. This gives our members the avenue to get any advice they may want to receive from a person in a career they want to join and expand their professional network.

Mentoring Team Members (2-4 positions)

Mentoring service is a very unique support that OxFEST offers to our members. At the moment, its function and impact are still to be explored. As a mentoring team member, you will pair our members who are willing to offer advice and consultation with those who are in need of these supports. Further, it’s also our role to make sure the mentoring meetings are regularly happening and track the feedbacks from participants. There’s quite a bit space that can be explored to make changes or reforms.

Publicity Officer (2-4 positions)

The role of publicity officer supports the events, conference and mentoring team by advertising the upcoming events and talks to our members. We also run the Facebook and Twitter accounts, update the OxFEST website, and are frequently in contact with other societies to spread the word of OxFEST to students.

IT Officer (1-2)

The role of IT officer will focus on maintaining and updating OxFEST’s website. If there’s any technical issue, such as setting up an online payment or embedding a video on a certain page, it will be great that the IT officer could offer direction for solutions or even get things done and running yourself.

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