Women as Future Leaders Presentation

Women as Future Leaders (WFL) invites you to a presentation on the ‘Power of Parity’ on Thursday 13th October 2016, about the economic impact of gender equality for the UK economy.

On 29th September 2016 McKinsey released a new report titled “The Power of Parity: Advancing women’s equality in the United Kingdom”. This research explores the economic potential of narrowing gender gaps at the national level as well as across the UK regions. It also examines the opportunity to address gender disparities within various occupations and sectors in the economy. Gender equality in work necessitates gender equality in society. The research adopts a holistic view, assessing how gender inequality impacts a woman through her life, and identifies a comprehensive set of interventions to help UK stakeholders take action on gender inequality.

This presentation will take place at 6pm on Thursday 13th October 2016 and will be followed by a drinks reception.

The event is open to current University of Oxford students from any degree discipline. The deadline for registration is midday on Friday 7th October 2016. We will confirm your place and the event logistics via email three working days before the event.

Apply here: https://mckinsey.secure.force.com/Event/careers/WFL_Power_of_Parity_Presentation_Oxford_13th_October_2016_7022

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