Morgan Stanley Technology Events

Morgan Stanley believes capital has the power to create positive change in the world. The biggest and most impactful changes come from people like you. If you come to Morgan Stanley, what will you create?

If you want to hear how you can put your talent and ambition to work and be part of a team that creates positive change, join us.

We welcome Bachelors and Masters students studying disciplines such as Computer Science, Maths, Natural Science or Engineering who are interested in a career in technology.

Thursday 20th October, 12:00-17:00, Morgan Stanley Global Tech Expo

Tuesday 25th October, 15:00-18:00, Careers in Computing

Wednesday 2nd November, 19:00-21:00, Technology Networking Drinks

Friday 11th November, 12:30-17:30, On-Campus First Round Interviews

Tuesday 22nd November, 16:00-18:30, Jobs for Mathematicians




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