Would you like to leave University with your debts paid off and enough left over for a big holiday? Would you like to get a job at one of the top STEM employers in the UK? If you do then this competition is for you.


The Hut Group, is the UK’s biggest online retailer, specialising in health, beauty and fitness brands. They are calling for the country’s best student developers to enter the Game of Code app building competition. The prize is high, £100,000 cash for the winner (or winning team) and the offer of a graduate job to lead the development of the idea in the machine learning team.


The purpose of Game of Code is simple, to design an app or website that consumers interested in health, beauty or fitness can use every day. It’s a crowded market, and the challenge here is to create a prototype that is innovative but has real business potential. The Hut Group, as well as owning a number of leading brands such as My Protein and Zavvi, their technology powers the eCommerce platforms of retail giants like Nintendo, Coggles, and Elizabeth Arden and we are looking for someone smart and forward thinking to join our team. We typically employ grads from a tech and science background who are passionate about data and computer science.


The competition is being hosted on GitHub and you can find out everything you need to know here:  www.gameofcode.io or https://github.com/TheHutGroup/game-of-code-2016/


The best ideas will be invited to stage two, where they will be given access to The Hut Group data and asked to build a working version of their idea. The top teams will then be invited to stage three where their working versions will be judged through a public vote to determine the competition finalists. These teams will then be invited to attend a glamorous awards ceremony in London where the winner’s prize of £100,000 will be announced. The winning entry will be judged by senior executives from The Hut Group and industry specialists.


For more information you can follow The Hut Group on Facebook


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