OxFEST members, hope you’re feeling FEST-ive, because we have an exciting Christmas dinner planned for Thursday 26th November (7th week). This is a brilliant opportunity to celebrate together, and we are also inviting representatives from both industry and academia for you to network with.

This will be held in ASK Italian, on George Street, at 7pm.
OxFEST is subsidising £10 per head, so the cost to you will be just £12, for a three course meal and a glass of prosecco. Places are limited to 50, so please indicate your interest using the link below, and specify your choice of menu (Festivo set menu, see link below)

If you’re interested in coming to the event please complete the following form, specifying your menu choice  http://goo.gl/forms/JclzaHjhqe.

To see menu of choice, please click: http://www.askitalian.co.uk/christmas/festivo

If there is anybody particularly inspiring you would like to invite to the dinner, please email hannah.wilson@merton.ox.ac.uk, and we’ll see what we can do!

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