Date: Friday, Nov 6, 2015

Time: Afternoon, 2 – 4pm

Venue: St Johns College


What to expect:

OxFEST has invited 3 of our sponsors, Shell, BlackRock & Morgan Stanley, to co-host this event. Each of the sponsors will lead a session on a particular application skill essential to a good result in applications for internships or jobs. For example, Shell is offering an interactive session on how to build an outstanding CV, whereas BlackRock will give case study practice for those who consider consultancy and Morgan Stanley are looking into interviews or presentation.

Skill sessions are 40min long with limited spaces only for up to 15 participants per session. Places are only reserved to those who sign up in advance and a CV will be required.

Food and drinks are provided. Everyone is welcome to join the reception area (no sign-up required), representatives from all sponsors will be around for you to talk to in reception if you’re not in the signed up sessions.

A schedule of the program:

  Slot 1

2 – 2:40pm

Slot 2

2:40 – 3:20 pm

Slot 3

3:20 – 4pm

Morgan Stanley Interview Skills

@ Larkin Room

Interview Skills

@ Larkin Room

Q&A with MS reps

@ Garden Quad Reception

BlackRock Business Case Study

@ Prestwich Room

Q&A with BlackRock reps

@ Garden Quad Reception

Business Case Study

@ Larkin Room

Shell Q&A with Shell reps

@ Garden Quad Reception

An amazing CV to start

@ Prestwich Room

An amazing CV to start

@ Prestwich Room

*Two sessions of each sponsor are with the same content

To sign up:

Please choose the relevant session(s) at this link:

Each participant is allowed to book up to two skill sessions.

A CV is required to send to the contact on the page of the session you have signed up for. If you don’t have a CV at hand, sign-up still available by following the above web link. A confirm email will be sent to you soon after your place is reserved.

Specifically, please send your CV to, if you sign up for Morgan Stanley.

To, if you sign up for Shell.

To, if you sign up for BlackRock.

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