Bloomberg Talk – Derivatives Trading Algorithms

Interested to see how algorithms can be used in financial trading? Bloomberg will be having a talk on how they use technology to analyse the behavior of the stock market.

When and where: Computer Science Department – Lecture Theatre A – 13:00 29th October 2015 ( week 3, Michaelmas Term 2015 )

Financial derivatives have been called weapons of mass destruction.

We will take a second take at derivatives with a case study in Foreign Exchange linked asset classes like forwards, swaps, options, and the role they play within the financial markets.

We will cover speculative, hedging and covering trades and their role for risk taking or risk reduction. We will also look at algorithmic strategies for these. We will look at how regulation is driving technology and vice-versa in this segment.

Liberal use of the Bloomberg terminal will be made. Jubin will be available for an offline discussion after the talk on the basic mathematics behind derivative instruments is there is interest.

Free pizza will be available in the social area from 12.30pm.

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