mentoring scheme

Mentoring is about supporting and encouraging people to manage their own learning so that they maximise their potential,develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be. Studies show that people in STEM with mentorspublish more frequently, report higher job satistaction and are more likely to stay in STEM related fields. With this in mind, OxFEST has been running a mentoring scheme where mentors from industry and academia provide guidance to both undergraduates and graduates alike.

Join us for our lunchtime taster sessions on Tuesday 3rd February 12-1pm in the WIMM Seminar Room (up the hill); the equivalent event down the hill will take place onWednesday 4th February12-1pm in John Rowlinson Seminar Room (Chemistry), to find out how mentoring can help you. All are welcome, regardless of degree, year or gender. The events are free but do bring your own lunch!

Can’t make the events? Find out more and sign up at

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