Are you one of the people finding yourself amongst geeks going on about strings, tuples, Booleans and some Python(s), and want to finally find out what’s the big deal? Then, join us for our coding taster session ran in association with Morgan Stanley. During the event, you will have a chance to pick up some basic programming skills through a series of fun activities. Programming is a vital professional skill appreciated by employers as well as a passion for millions of people. Here is an opportunity to find out if it is something for you!

Workshop details: 19th November, 5-7pm, Venue TBC

This event is sign-up only. Please email your CV to OxFEST Sponsor Event Coordinator to sign up.

OxFEST is a well-established Oxford society promoting women in science, engineering and technology. We organise a range of events (not limited to female participants) varying from speaker events and workshops to our annual symposium in Hilary term. Have a look at our website to find out more: .

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