An Inspiring Day at Our 2nd Annual Symposium

Our 2nd Annual Symposium: Women Inspiring Women was held on the 6th of March 2013. With 100 registered attendees, 4 keynote speakers, 3 workshops and a panel discussion, the day was a resounding success!

Our speakers (Professor Muffy Calder, Professor Pratibha Gai, and Dr Lucy Rogers) shared their own experiences as women with a career in science, enginerring and technology with us. There were plenty of entertaining stories, some really exciting research and some truly inspiring comments on what it means to be a scientist. Clare Thomson from the Institute of Physics also shared with us the IOP’s findings on the very low uptake of Physics A-Level by girls, and what they are doing to change it.

We then split into groups for the workshops: “Goal Setting”, run by the Careers Service Springboard trainers; “Mentoring”, run by Melanie Lonsdale, this was a workshop tailored to OxFEST’s new mentoring scheme; and Shell lead a discussion around Dr. Pat Heim’s classic lecture “Invisible Rules: Gender Differences in the Workplace”.

The day ended with a panel discussion on “How Can Social Media Be Used to Raise the Profile of Women in Science?”. We were joined by Dr Lucy Rogers, Professor Charlotte Deane (Deputy Director of Oxford’s Doctoral Training Centre), Anne-Marie Imafidon (recent Oxford graduate and founder of Stemettes) and Suzanne Holsomback (OUSU VP for Women). Some really interesting points were raised around using social media to engage the public in your research, what can be done against internet “trolls”, and ended with the panel and audience sharing their favourite online projects that profile and support women in science and technology.

We can’t wait for next year! In the meantime, take a look at some of the responses we had via Twitter.

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